Current Board Members

Rick Egan – Executive Director

Fitsum Giday – Ethiopian Executive Director

Sue Measom – Board Chair

Rachel Thorell

Colby Umphrey

Janet Jenkins

Jeanette Squire

Kellie Bradford


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Dear Sponsors, January 2014
Many many thanks to you. I strongly believe the foregoing year has been a momentous year for COEEF. You have been doing a lot for the children of Ethiopia. I wish you could see their beautiful smiles going to school. You have been more than a sponsor to these needy children. They all refer to you as ‘OUR FAMILY.’ You are indeed their family: very close family. I believe GOD is fulfilling his purpose through you. Without your kind and loving support the girls wouldn’t have gone to private schools. They wouldn’t have been able to compete with other students who get all the help they could seek from their parents. It is because of you that they are learning like their age mates. It is because of you that they are having dreams. Dreams to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, pilot, lawyer, artist and many others.
I believe you will continue to lit a candle of hope in the heart of these needy girls.
As ever, a new year brings new hopes and dreams – and certainly a success to you and your beloved ones. May this New Year bring you loads of love, peace, prosperity and blessing to you all.
I wish you to have a very wonderful New Year.
Fitsum Giday, Ethiopian Executive Director, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Why do we volunteer for COEEF?

We are passionate about educating girls in Ethiopia and personally care about their progress in school. Each year we love to see their pictures and cards as we send them on to their sponsors. As a student graduates, we rejoice with her amazing accomplishment and wish her well as she blesses her family and her nation by her education. When one of a very small number of students drops out of the program for any reason, we are sad and mourn her loss.
We also get to know the sponsors and marvel at their dedication to sponsor their student year after year. Most sponsor one student and some sponsor many; all are appreciated and we honor their sacrifice for these Ethiopian girls most have never seen in person.,
Why do we volunteer for COEEF? Because with our sponsors’ help we are making a real difference in girl’s lives and in our own.
Christina Parkinson, Emeritus Board Member