School Campaigns

Inspire your students to Dream Big! Our COEEF students have big dreams that they are realizing through their education opportunities.
Help your students see the world as a larger place than just their school by connecting them with our COEEF students. As they raise money to help keep these girls in school they will begin to value their own education opportunities more. Your students will also want to Dream Big!
Goals of the Dream Big! School Campaign:

1. Help students to learn about girls in Ethiopia who have a passion for learning

2. Inspire American students to appreciate their educational opportunities as they learn how Ethiopian girls love to learn but need help to stay in school

3. Teach students in both countries that one person can make a difference in another’s life, even if they live half a world away

4. Provide an opportunity to get the community involved in the campaign by creating Hygiene Kits and School Kits

5. Raise money to help COEEF provide a good education to girls in Ethiopia

School campaings

Here are some activities we suggest for your school…

School activities

  • Have an assembly to introduce COEEF girls and Muluwerk Hale, 2014 Miss Utah-Africa, a former COEEF student
  • Write letters to help COEEF students and students get to know one another
  • Invite students to be a part of our Youth Council to help us in our efforts to educate others about the need for girls’ education and how that empowers an entire nation
  • Invite students to participate in a Youth Expedition to Ethiopia to meet the COEEF girls and encourage them to continue to Dream Big!, visit the homes of the COEEF students, bring books to the school libraries, distribute kits to the students, and participate in service opportunities at the COEEF partner schools.

Community Activities

  • Raise money to help COEEF provide a good education for girls in Ethiopia
  • Collect sporting goods for COEEF partner schools and collect funds to improve playgrounds
  • Collect / Assemble Hygiene and School kits for COEEF students
  • Collect colorful literature books to help students learn English in COEEF partner schools.
  • Contact for more information.

Click HERE for the Gallery of Dream Big! School Campaign materials to be used at your school.